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The Russian Ice Stars

Oleg Alekhnovich

Oleg Alekhnovich - Oleg was born in St Petersburg in 1984 and began skating
at the age of four. From 1988-2000 he took part in many Junior International
competitions and in 2000 won the Cup of Russia. During his professional career he skated with the "St Petersburg Ice Theatre" and was a soloist in their production of "The Wizard of Oz". Oleg joined the Russian Ice Stars in 2007.

Denis Balandin
Denis Balandin - Denis was born in 1984 in the town of Orenburg in the Urals, he started skating when he was four years old. He has a Master of Sport degree and is a graduate of the Olympic Reserve School in Moscow. Denis was participant of a number of International competitions: Russian Junior Championship 1999; Junior Grand Prix in 1999; Junior World Championship in 2000; Universiade in 2005. Denis first joined the Russian Ice Stars in 2006.
Olga Balandina
Olga Balandina - Olga was born March 1982 in the Latvian Capital, Riga and began skating when she was 4 years old. She competed at pair skating at the European and World Championships in 1996, 2003 and 2004 and held the Latvian Champion title for seven consecutive years, 1997-2002. In 2005 Olga began her professional career and also completed her education, qualifying as Sport Manager at the P.F. Lesgaft University, St. Petersburgh. Olga joined the Russian Ice Stars company in 2010.
Alexander Belokopytov
Alexander Belokopytov & Ekaterina Belokopytova - Sasha & katya were born in the Southern Russian City of Saratov. They attended the Athletic Training and Circus School and went on to study further at the Moscow Circus College where they graduated as Qualified Arial Gymnasts. They were married and embarked upon their professional career joining the “Moscow Circus on Ice”. They have travelled extensively performing to audiences in Argentina, France, Egypt, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, India, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Spain, Kuwait and Jordan. Ekaterina Belokopytova
Kseniya Bilous

Kseniya Bilous - Born 1989, Kharkov, Ukraine, Kseniya began skating when she was three years old. She has performed in Ukraine, Uzbekistan, China, Australia and Belgium with the “Extraordinary Ice Circus Shangri-La”. “Sergey Ryshkoff's Ice Circus”, performing in Ukraine, Germany, UAE and Korea. Kseniya has worked for “ICE-The Show” from Russia and the "Riviera Hotel and Casino Las Vegas". Kseniya performs many different acts, including equlibrist on monocycle, aerial kites and figure skating, gymnastic and acrobatic acts.

Ekaterina Bokiy (Mintals)

Ekaterina Bokiy (Mintals) - Moscow born Ekaterina is Champion and prize winner of the Junior Championships, Championship of Canada, Cup of the Alps, Championships and Cups of Russia. Member of the USSR and Russian National Figure Skating Teams, she has a Master of Sport International degree. For many years Ekaterina has been the principal skater in the Russian Ice Stars productions. She has performed the part of Princess Aurora in the “Sleeping Beauty”, Wicked Witch in “Snow White”, Cinderella in “Cinderella”, Sugar Plum Fairy in “Nutcracker”.

Marina Chuvilyaeva
Marina Chuvilyaeva - Marina was born in 1984 and has been skating since
she was 4 years old. She began dancing on ice when she was 12 and with her partner and they became Estonia Junior Champions from 1997-2003. Marina won 1st place in the Australian Cup in 2000, 1st in the Czech Republic (Junior) championship 2002 and 3rd in the Czech Republic (senior) championship 2003.
In 2011-2012 Marina skated on the “Dancing on Ice” television show in Greece. She has a 4-year-old daughter Angela. In 2013 she graduated from the Tallinn Industrial Education Center and is now a qualified hairdresser.
Jasmine Costa
Jasmine Costa - Jasmine was born in Tallinn, Estonia and began skating at the age of 5. She was a member of the Estonian National team from 2007-2012 and became Junior Champion. She has competed in many International Championships. At Cup of Nice senior category in 2011 she was placed 5th and in 2008 took the 4th place in JGP Minsk. Jasmine was coached by famous Estonian
Coach Anna Levandi. Jasmine joined the Russian Ice Stars in 2013.
Leonid Fomin

Leonid Fomin - A Leonid was born in the town of Nizhni Novgorod in Russia
1990 and started skating from the age of 5. When he was 12 his family moved to St-Petersburg where he continued his training. From 2002-2012 he participated in Russian and International championships. He was prize-winner of the Cup of Russia Championship in 2008. In 2010 he started skating in ice dancing category before retiring from his sport career and joining the “Ice Circus” in 2012. Leonid joined the Russian Ice Stars in 2013.

Svetlana Golubeva
Svetlana Golubeva - A distinguished actress of the Russian Federation, Svetlana
was born in Moscow and has skated since she was four years old. In 1977 Svetlana joined the "Moscow Children's Theatre on Ice" and in the following years, the "Great Moscow Circus on Ice". She is trained as an acrobat, flying gymnast and bird trainer. Svetlana joined the Russian Ice Stars in 2006.
Anton Khlynin

Anton Khlynin & Anastasiya Khlynina - Twins Anastasiya & Anton were born in Moscow,1988. They began skating at the age of ten and participated in various regional championships before joining the Moscow-based "Color-Ice" in 2003. In 2006 they skated in the televised Greek show “Dancing with the Stars”. Both principal skaters in the “Moscow Ballet on Ice” company, they have toured extensively across Russia and have performed in many international shows including “Disney on ice”.

Anastasiya Khlynina
Yulia Konovalova

Yulia Konovalova - Yulia was born July 1973 in Moscow and began skating
when she was five years old. She participated in many different competitions
held in Moscow and at the age of ten began to take part in performances of the “Children’s Ice Shows”. Yulia worked as an acrobat on ice in the “State Russian Circus” company from 1994 to 1999. Later she worked for the “Moscow Ice Ballet” company where she was the leading performer before accepting the position of rehearsal director. Yulia progressed to work as a coach and choreographer for
the Children’s Ice Theatre “Aleko” before joining The Russian Ice Stars in 2009.

Natalia Mintals

Natalia Mintals - Natalia was born in Tallinn, Estonia in 1982, she started
skating at the age of 3. Natalia is a four times Estonian Champion and has participated in many Estonian and International Championships. Natalia has
a 4-year-old son Adrian. She joined the Russian Ice Stars in 2003.

Valdis Mintals
Valdis Mintals - Born in Tallinn in 1979 and skating since age four, Valdis’s career began as a single skater. He achieved 4th place in the National Championships and in 1995, having become a member of the Estonian National Team began pair skating. He competed at the World Figure Skating Championships, the European Figure Skating Championships & the World Junior Figure Skating Championships. From 1998 to 2002, he and his partner were prize winners of the Junior World’s, World and European Championships and were Estonian National Champions for eight consecutive years. Upon his retirement from competitive skating, he began skating professionally joining The Russian Ice Stars company in 2002.
Alexei Motorin
Alexei Motorin - Alexei was born in St-Petersburg in 1988 and became figure
skating champion of his home city three times over during the course of his sport career. He has skated professionally in various ice shows for several years including “Disney on Ice” and “Royal Caribbean”. He won second place in televised Greek show “Dancing with the Stars” an in 2012 he skated in the
“Hot Ice Show” in Blackpool. Alexei joined the Russian Ice Stars in 2013.
Svetlana Perkina
Svetlana Perkina - Born in Moscow, Russia; Svetlana started to skate at the age of four. During her competitive years she took part in numerous Moscow and
Russian Championships and has the title of candidate master of sport in single figure skating having graduated from the Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism. At the age of 16 Svetlana began to work in various shows on ice and joined the Russian Ice Stars in 2003. Svetlana also has a Candidate Master of Sport in short-track speed skating, has been taking professional make up courses, nail art design and studies English. She enjoys travelling and exploring different countries, sport activities and photography.
Nina Sakharova

Nina Sakharova - Born in St-Petersburg 1993, Nina started skating at the
age of 4 and was coached by famous Russian sportsman, Oleg Vasiliev. She
was participant and prize-winner of numerous Russian and International Championships. In 2012 Nina joined the Russian Ice Stars and skated in the
show “Beauty and the Beast” in Portugal and in 2013 she performed in the
shows “Snow White” and “Cirque de Glace” in Mumbai. She has a title “Master
of Sport” and a degree of a teacher of physical culture.

Anton Smirnov
Anton Smirnov - Anton was born in St-Petersburg. He was a member of the
Russian figure skating national team. Twice Russian Champion and Silver medallist in the Winter Universiade. He has skated in numerous shows with the “Holiday on Ice” company and in the “Hot Ice Show” in Blackpool. Anton joined the Russian Ice Stars in 2013.
Alexander Ustinov

Alexander Ustinov - Alexander started skating at the age of 7 at his birth town
of Novosibirsk in Russia. He entered the ice skating school of Olympic Reserve at age 14 where he continued his sport career. Alexander took part in International Championships as a member of the Russian Junior National team and at 19 he began his professional skating career. His first experience was skating in “Igor Bobrin’s Ice Theatre”, he then joined the “Moscow on Ice” company where he skated one of the leading parts in “Carmen on Ice” staged in the UK.

Valeriia Vorobeva
Valeria Vorobyeva - Born 1988, St. Petersburg, Valeriia began figure skating when she was eight years old. She attained a Master of Sport degree when she was just 13 and competed internationally for Russia under the direction of Olympic Champion Alexey Urmanov. A member of the Russian National Team for seven years, she competed in the Russian National Championships and won the International Cup in Nice 3 times. Valeria, retired from sport in 2009 and pursued her professional career, skating for the “Holiday on Ice” shows “Nutcracker” and “The Snow Queen”. In spring 2013 she skated in the “Celebrities on Ice” show across the UK before joining the Russian Ice Stars.
Ivan Yaskevich

Ivan Yaskevich - Ivan was born in the town of Semipalatinsk-21 in Russia in
1991. He started skating at the age of 11. From 2000-2008 he took part in various Russian and International Championships. He won the regional Siberian and Far East Championships, was prize-winner of the International competition in Minsk and participant of the Cup of Russia Championships. From 2008-2009 Ivan skated with the “Holiday on Ice” company in the show “Peter Pan on Ice” before joining the Russian Ice Stars in 2013.